Major Malaysian Bank Invests In Regulated Crypto Exchange, Tokenize Xchange

Malaysian Bank, Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad enters a conditional agreement to acquire a 19% equity of Tokenize Xchange, a local Crypto Exchange, operated by Tokenize Technology, as part of their moves into the cryptocurrency industry. Kenanga Private Equity processed the Investment into the largest digital asset exchange by market share in Malaysia. The Exchange offers trading services for major cryptos like BTC and ETH.

Bitcoin Price Hits New All Time High

Ethereum Surpasses Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, AmEx

Ethereum, a decentralized ecosystem with market cap of $178 Billion is now more valuable than some of the largest companies on Wall Street in terms of market cap. Banking giant Wells Fargo, for example, has a total market capitalization of $134.5 billion according to the latest data. Competitor Morgan Stanley is not far behind with $103.4 billion. Payments global processing giant American Express sits just under the twelve zeros mark with a valuation of $93.5 billion.

Snoop Dogg Joins Elon Musk In Pumping Dogecoin

XRP’s Global Trading Volume Increased To 299% In Q4 of 2020

XRP’s global trading volume surged to an impressive 299% in the last quarter of 2020 to $148.15 billion despite suspension from 33 markets because of lawsuit with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The trading restrictions caused XRP to lose just about 12.49 percent. Ripple’s XRP sales increased by 122 percent in the last quarter to $111.12 million, 0.05 percent of the global trading volume.

Miller Value Funds Files With SEC To Invest In Bitcoin

Number of Bitcoin Whales Increase As Fiat Flows Into Exchanges

Bitcoin whales have increased since the beginning of 2021 by more than 200. On-chain data suggests that these accounts could be owned by institutional investors. Whales are accounts holding over a thousand bitcoin at current price. Glassnode’s data also showed that the fiat inflow to exchanges like Coinbase has also increased. Major institutions have been buying bitcoin dip including Grayscale and MicroStrategy.

Tastyworks Now Supports Active Trading of BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH

SBI VC Trade Launch XRP Lending Services To XRP Holders

SBI VC Trade, announced the launch of XRP lending service to enable holders earn interest when they deposit XRP. Users can deposit from 1,000 XRP tokens to XRP 100,000 tokens for a lending period of 84 calendar days. SBI VC Trade lending service could initially support only Bitcoin after it was launched, with the minimum deposit of 0.1 BTC but it now also offers XRP lending.

Blockchain-based Service Network Integrates Cosmos (ATOM) Into Its Chinese Network

On Friday January 22 2021, StaFi rFIS and 2-way routing bridge (rBridge) products were officially launched. This was revealed via a tweet on the official handle @StaFi_Protocol, that it had officially taken cover of these products after completing the community testing and PeckShield security audit.

This means that from January 22 to January 30, 2021, all stakers who will participate in FIS staking by using the rFIS and 2-way rBridge products would have the chance to receive the StakingDrop.

StaFi, the first DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets says this campaign is a simple incitement activity in the initial…

December was a very exciting and progressive month for StaFi Protocol as we entered a new chapter in the year 2021 and made significant progress so far . StaFi Protocol being the year
with the biggest announcement being the release of the roadmap Q1, 2021.

In addition, read on to learn more about the recent updates on StaFi technical Updates, partnerships and AMA.


Stafi Protocol (abbreviation for staking finance) is the first decentralized protocol built on Polkadot to provide liquidity of your staking assets. StaFi is a polkadot parachain. Simply put, with Stafi, you use staking contracts to make your staked assets liquid and tradeable.

rToken; your reward token is a hedge against volatility of the market while you earn your staking rewards in a specific token. With Stafi, you don’t have to bother about varied quantities of rewards due to market volatility. …

In recent weeks, the Cartesi team have been working actively to prepare the Proof of Stake for the Mainnet release later this year. So far so good, the staking progress include: the initial phase of auditing of our staking contracts, ongoing tests on Goerli with cloud node instances and Preparation of installers.

Görli Testnet is the first proof-of-authority cross-client testnet, synching Parity Ethereum, Geth, Nethermind, Hyperledger Besu (formerly Pantheon), and EthereumJS. This testnet is a community-based project, completely open-source, naturally.

What is a Proof of Stake?

Staking in cryptocurrency means to hold assets in order to verify transaction and support a network, by doing this, you’d…


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