Blockchain gaming and Cartesi

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Blockchain technology is a revolutionary technology that will change the gaming industry in so many ways. Currently, blockchain technology is providing solutions in diverse industries like finance, healthcare, supply chain, etc.

Over decades and centuries, people have collected things and some exchanged them for money. These things could include rare items, arts, painting, etc., things that you can hold physically. However, you can own rare digital items in the virtual world and earn lots of money with it. This is where blockchain gaming comes in. Blockchain collectibles are gaming assets that you can own virtually and sell at the most ridiculously expensive price.

Blockchain is turning games into gold; rare and very valuable. The most interesting thing is that blockchain gaming is accessible to everyone. The global gaming sector in itself is massive and provides a great opportunity for gamers to own their games.

What you should note about the gaming industry

The gaming industry is a fast-growing industry catering to an era that highly indulges in gaming. Most popular games need money to play and are hardly financially rewarding unless you will include acquiring Virtual assets. Game developers, entrepreneurs, and players need a secure environment to create and monetize games.

In regular games, one cannot transfer identity or assets from one game to the other, hence there is no interoperability. Gamers spend lots of money on virtual assets and yet they hardly own them in reality. Gamers need to be able to store their games securely when they are not playing and remain confident that they can never lose access to their games.

Also, in the gaming world, gamers are never at liberty to make the changes they want in a game without the express permission from the developers. Hence, this is where blockchain gaming comes in.

What is blockchain gaming?

Blockchain games are built using distributed ledger technology especially the Ethereum blockchain.

With blockchain, you can create unique digital assets that cannot be duplicated on a decentralized ecosystem. One way that blockchain technology will impact the gaming industry is by providing in-game currencies. Real economies with real money will be operational within these games in a decentralized system.

The blockchain gaming industry can leverage on other sectors like betting, cryptocurrency to provide economic solutions. Players can own assets, in-game items, virtual properties, virtual currencies. Digital assets from blockchain gaming can be owned and monetized.

Gamers can transfer digital assets from game to game which makes spending money even more compelling. Each collectible is non-fungible. Non-fungible means that one cannot exchange the token for another. That is each non-fungible token is one of a kind, making these tokens rare and scarce.

Blockchain gaming: the benefits

Blockchain gaming provides myriads of opportunities and benefits for gamers. One of those opportunities is the ability to purchase in-game assets with cryptocurrency instead of relying completely on fiat and payment gateways. With cryptocurrency, gamers can purchase game collectibles instantly.

Blockchain provides a completely safe and secure network for users. Hackers cannot change or modify anything on the Blockchain network. The interoperability of gaming assets and profiles is obtainable with Blockchain gaming. A player can easily migrate profiles across different games including gaming assets.

Cartesi and Blockchain gaming

Blockchain gaming requires intensive computation which could be limited by the restrictive environment of the Blockchain. This restrictive environment limits scalability for dapps. However, Cartesi provides a scalable environment off-chain with on-chain security.

The gaming sector is centralized with interoperability challenges, Cartesi brings an entire new possibilities for the gamer with a fully decentralized environment. The consensus is securely reached on-chain. No reputation protocol, no TEE, or central servers on the cloud.

Cartesi unleashes vast new possibilities for blockchain games. Developers will be able to use traditional tools and libraries that can be compiled for Linux. Additionally, game state processing will be free from the computational limits and high fees of blockchains without the need to sacrifice decentralization. Cartesi provides gaming apps that are easier to build, scalable, and more powerful.

With the blockchain and Cartesi, gaming can become more fun, secure, and rewarding.

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