Good management they say, is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success, above all a practice where art, science, and craft meet. In this same spirit, the Cardano Foundation with the insight and mission of advancing and promoting itself has adjusted the Management Team of the foundation.

The decentralized public blockchain platform has recently announced appointments at two senior-level posts. Fredrick Gregaard was appointed the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) alongside Eva Oberholzer as the new Head of Growth. These appointments were made on the 21st of September, 2020 and were made to increase the adoption of the company.

Moreover, this is a great step up and a new phase of growth for Cardano. The foundation is transitioning into its fourth phase of development and we are here for it. As it was announced, both additions will usher in smart contracts, greater adoption, decentralized applications, and focus on co-creation alongside enterprises.

Fredrick Gregaard even before appointed CEO has always been passionate about how technology enables new business models, he also has a passion for solving tough problems at the intersection of business, experience, and technology. He leads PwC’s (Price waterhouse Coopers) Digital Accelerator and has more than a decade of experience in banking and asset management. He is also a certified currency trader and digital asset management expert. Though he has not yet assumed the post of CEO, it is assured that he will take on his new post and role sometime before November.

We are confident that the role of CEO is befitting for Fredrick because he has had tons of experiences in the crypto world like in E-Brokag and Trading, Digital transformation in the financial sector, AIFM funds, only to mention a few. As the new CEO of Cardano, he will be based in Zurich, Switzerland.

With his incredible experience and as an industry veteran for blockchain, his main focus is Adoption and Growth. This he made know in his speech which I quote:
“I am delighted and honored to join the Cardano Foundation and advance its core missions, which I see as crucial to building a strong digital asset ecosystem, and the future financial infrastructure backbone. The Foundation has a dedicated and high-caliber talent base, which will take Cardano to new heights, together with our enthusiastic community. I am joining the Cardano Foundation during a paradigm shift in Cardano’s functionality and useability, and I anticipate that the next few years will be a significant growth period for the protocol.”

The Foundation is convinced that Fredrick will indeed be a driving force for the foundation, setting goals and aiming for them using adoption strategic directions; providing good leadership as Cardano approaches crucial stages and faces competition in the digital world.

Eva, passionate about new technology and blockchain. She has interests in science and technology and its benefits to society. A blockchain professional with over 15 years of experience in Communications, Brand Building, and Growth hacking. Before the appointment, she headed the Communications units at the same PwC Switzerland and also nurtured and implemented integrated strategies for Swiss digital bank SEBA as its Chief Marketing Officer.

Eva, with the ambitious nature and passion, joins the Cardano Team as its Head of Growth to drive future expansion and adoption of Cardano together with the CEO. Her responsibility will be to cater to the needs of stakeholders at the management level to create new opportunities for the Cardano blockchain. She will represent all stakeholders of Cardano in all ranges even down to institutions.

In Conclusion, with these two appointments (Fredrick Gregaard as CEO and Eva Oberholzer as Head of Growth) the leadership functions are strengthened and the foundation will continue to push forward and break limits. It also makes firm the growth strategy to drive the adoption of Cardano among cooperates and in regulated industries.

The Cardano Team is also expanded to 30 people around the world. The Foundation’s core focus is in developing a Cardano adoption strategy through to integration and execution, to enable fast-track value creation for inclusive and equitable.

With fresh hands and minds in the management team, we see Cardano changing the game and blazing the trail in the next few years to come.

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