Cartesi Q3 Progress and Milestones

Brief overview

Cartesi brings real-world use cases to the blockchain by building a platform that people engage directly with. One of the objectives of Cartesi is to make it easy for developers who are not familiar with smart contracts to code for blockchain.

The Cartesi smart contract — What Cartesi brings to the table

Cartesi brings many advantages to smart contracts. The consensus is enforceable even though it’s not part of it. If one of the players claim an illegal computation inside the cartesi machine, it will trigger an enforced consensus to correct the falsely gained result. This brings a delay in consensus but definite and efficient resolution.

Progress from the last quarter (Q3 2020)

POS prototype and mining on Testnet: The PoS prototype and mining are currently working and deployed on Testnet. The prototype allows one to run a node, test the staking of Ropsten CTSI, and get Ropsten CTSI rewards from the mine. We cannot rely on Proof of Work for the security of our transaction solution as this brings major questions about its sustainability and security. Instead, we will implement a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm.

Moving Forwards — The Roadmap Progress

Cartesi has a roadmap that will implement everything that will bring real-world seamless computation to mainstream developers. Cartesi keeps advancing extensively in research and development, committed to bringing vast and seamless possibilities for the future of the DApp ecosystem and developers.

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